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Podcast editing software typically doubles up as podcast recording software. This is handy, because it means you only need one single platform to record and edit your podcast.

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The amount of plug-ins and additional sounds appear to be almost endless, and with over 7,000 loops to choose from there is definitely a feature for everyone. After recording, all it takes is a click to highlight the entire recording before previewing it back to you, thus letting you go in and edit your recording before posting for your audience. It’s perhaps nearly impossible to create your own without the best podcast software at your fingertips. As always with podcasting gear, or really any type of equipment in general, what the “best” is will depend on few factors . We did choose quite a few software to check out, and made sure to keep a broad range in case one of these stood out as a “must” for you. Let’s get into the best podcasting software factors first. Most Mac users will already be familiar with GarageBand since it’s been free for the Mac operating system and iOS for many years.

Zencastr is a superb platform for recording podcasts, but you’ll have to look elsewhere when it comes to editing, hosting, and publishing your content. Designed for those with a professional view of podcasting, the Avid Pro Tools is a stable option that is high regarded. It costs hundreds of dollars and isn’t for many, but those who are into the best of the best and most expensive , this may be suitable for some of you out there in the world. I will admit that when I first started looking into the Apple Logic X software that I was immediately intimidated. It’s sleek, flashy, and modern, and definitely something that looks far too hard for someone who still panics when the rainbow wheel of doom appears on her screen (anyone else with me on that one?). However, once I started doing my research and looking at the features of the software rather than the design, I realized that, like most Apple products, the Logic X is actually fairly easy to comprehend.

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  • Many Podcast apps are there outside and moreover, there are some best RSS feed readers available which also can extract and play podcast content out of the box.
  • This list doesn’t follow any specific order and all the features are not exclusive here.
  • In this quick article, I will try to review a generic list of 20 Best Podcast Apps for Linux particularly.

But while GarageBand is known and loved for being an intuitive, accessible music creation tool, it can also serve very effectively for podcast recording. You can work from a simple podcast-oriented template, with tracks optimized for male or female voices, sound effects, and musical jingles. With an interface built for drag-and-drop music composition, it doesn’t get much easier than this to arrange and adjust your recorded elements while adding custom musical touches. Podcasters will find a rich array of editing and mixing tools with the capability for quick, real-time adjustments. Musicians can take advantage of the built-in virtual instruments, MIDI editor, and score editor. The base Pro Tools software offers up to 128 tracks of non-destructive editing, while a free Pro Tools First version is capped at 16 tracks. Pro Tools First also limits you to three projects at a time, saved on Avid’s servers on the cloud.

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A Pro Tools Ultimate version is available with even more tracks, an expanded feature set, and much more expensive monthly subscription costs. Audition stands out in large part due to powerful audio restoration functions. It’s stellar at removing unwanted background noise and stray sounds like clicks and bumps. There might be far more features than you’ll ever need, but it comes with presets that help focuses on enhancing certain types of audio, like dialogue.

You can even load up a template that sets up your tracks and settings in a way that’s relevant and optimized for podcasts. Audacity is a powerful audio editor, letting you trim and delete clips, add fades, splice sounds together, and more.

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