Breaker CMPro (CM009) WHITE/GREEN

Breaker Futsal : CM-009 Futsal shoes, Control line, the first top collection of 2021 “The best way to control” that comes with a combination of raw materials.

Perfectly versatile in the area that touches the ball in front of both sides choose to use knitted fabrics. that is soft and does not stretch comfortable to wear
and gives a clear feeling while touching the ball covered with a BREAKER SKIN surface that increases strength even more.

Add extras at the main upper part with GRIP DOT CONTROL touch surface that helps increase the efficiency of capturing the ball or passing the ball as well.

Comes with a new, innovative floor set that Breaker calls the Torsion space.

In the middle of the foot is the area that helps to create independent torque making every movement more perfect and help the shoes to be lighter Pylon foam piece,
type 2, softness, hardness inside the heel area. will have a special softness help absorb shock reduce pain, come with a sock that has materials that have properties.
Up to 90% shock absorption like PORON


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    • Additional Customization Price 10 RM MET.HEATPRESS
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